🏆FA23 Winners

Fall 2023

Ithaca Traveller - Best Backend

Frank Dai, Qiandao Liu, James Tu, Huajie Zhong

  • Account login and registration (with profile image)

  • MapKit integration with WeatherAPI

  • Create a post and upload images

  • Like and delete a post

Lucy Yang, Kyle Chu, Nicole Qiu, Nathan Chu, Mihili Herath

A scheduling app that allows Cornell students to connect with coffee chatters and arrange coffee chats from a range of campus organizations.

  • Simple yet effective user interface

  • Easy on the eyes, not too much information at once

  • Consistent design system - typography, colors, etc.

  • Lots of explorations on Figma -> seems like everything was thought through pretty well

ShelterSwipe - Most Creative

Ilyssa Yan, Claire Wang, Cassidy Xu, Ronald Leung, Andrew Qian, Emily Silkina

ShelterSwipe is an application where you can swipe through pets available for adoption at local shelters. We hope to match every potential pet-owner with their perfect animal to foster loving relationships and decrease the number of shelter animals.

  • Very creative, cute, and wholesome idea

  • Have never seen a swipe gesture used in a Hack Challenge before

  • Animations when swiping was pretty sick

truscoop - Best Overall

Aidan Talreja, Peter Bidoshi, Daniel Chuang, Daniel Lee, Satya Datla

AI news platform that determines the political meaning of the news article based on AI and user ratings.

  • Summary generated with AI using NLP (natural language processing)

  • Clean and slick/simple UI

  • Can read articles within the app using WKWebView

  • User ratings + ML generated ratings

  • Share articles

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