👼Introduction to Widgets

Original Author: Reade Plunkett

What are Widgets?

Widgets enable you to view timely information from your favorite apps at glance in various environments across all Apple platforms. Introduced in iOS 14, widgets have become increasingly more flexible, adaptable, and powerful throughout the past few years. You may have experience using widgets on your iPhone’s home screen, but widgets can be used in many other areas on your devices.

Types of Widgets

  • Home Screen: The most common widget is one that lives on your home screen, such as the Apple Weather, News, or Reminders widgets on iOS and iPadOS

  • Today View: If you swipe right on your home screen, you can also view various widgets in your Today View on iOS and iPadOS.

  • Lock Screen: On both iOS and iPadOS, widgets can now be added to your lock screen for quick viewing when you turn on your phone.

  • Standby: Recently introduced in iOS 17, Standby allows you to view widgets at a glance when you wake up.

  • Desktop: Widgets can now be added to your Mac desktop with MacOS Sonoma.

  • Notification Center: On Mac, you can also view widgets in your Notification Center.

  • Apple Watch: Widgets also appear on your Apple Watch, although they are typically referred to as “complications” in this context.

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