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Spring 2024 | Vin Bui


First, we want to change our app’s marketing version and build number. For consistency, use the following guidelines for minor updates:

  • 1.1.1 → 1.1.2

  • 1.1.9 → 1.2.0

  • 1.9.9 → 2.0.0

Xcode Cloud handles build version, but keep the project updated with the next build version, which should always be incremented by 1, independent of the current version. If there is a major update, such as from Eatery to Eatery Blue, you can skip this versioning incrementation and change the first number completely (e.g X.0.0).

Before we get started with AppStore Connect, our app bundle must be archived and uploaded. The most common way to do this is to go to Xcode, then Product > Archive. Alternatively, we can use a CI/CD service such as Xcode Cloud that will automate this process for us.

Using TestFlight

  1. Log in to our Apple developer account and select our target product.

  2. In the TestFlight tab under Builds, select the archive and click through the dialogs for Export Compliance Information. For AppDev members, Vin automated this process for most of our apps so this can be skipped.

    1. Encryption: Standard Encryption

    2. Available in France: No

  3. The build should now be available on TestFlight. Make sure to choose a testing group.

    1. Note that external testing requires app review approval whereas internal testing does not.

Submitting the Build to the AppStore

  1. Go to Apps -> <app_name> and select the Overview tab.

  2. Click the + button next to iOS App to create a new app version matching the latest version number.

  3. Under “What’s new in this version”, write down what changes were made (e.g. “Bug fixes and improvements.”)

  4. If there are new screenshots, upload the new screenshots. This part is somewhat tricky since the dimensions need to be perfect.

  5. Add some promotional text, update description, etc.

  6. Under Builds, select the targeted archive and click through the dialogs for Export Compliance Information: (you may not have to do this if you already did it through TestFlight)

    1. Encryption: Standard Encryption

    2. Available in France: No

  7. Once done with the dialog, go to the top of the page and click Save then Add for Review. On the next page, select Submit for Review.

  8. And now we wait… This can take a few business days. I recommend downloading the App Store Connect mobile app to receive notifications!

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