Spring 2024

You will need access to a MacBook running at least Catalina and Xcode 10.14 to participate in the course.

Unfortunately, this is because we ran into issues stemming from older Xcode versions and its divergences from our course material.


This is a 2 credit S/U course, but you may enroll for 1 credit to avoid going over the credit limit. If you haven’t already enrolled in the course:

  1. Fill out the course roster here.

  2. Enroll in CS 1998-601 in Student Center.

Lectures are Monday & Wednesday 8:35 - 9:25 PM in Olin Hall 165. Our (tentative) course schedule can be found here:



CS 1110 is a highly recommended co/prerequisite, but not required. You will also need access to a MacBook running at least Catalina and Xcode 10.14 to participate in the course (the Xcode IDE is only available for macOS).

You can check your Xcode version via the Terminal or in Xcode itself. To check within Xcode, navigate to the Menu Bar -> About Xcode. To check using Terminal, see the screenshot attached!

Course Material

This entire course is project-based meaning there will not be any exams. There will be a Hack Challenge at the end of the course where you will work with members from our backend and design courses to put what you’ve learned to the test and build your very own mobile app. More information will be provided later.

There are no required textbooks. Most of the information you need will be in this course textbook. However, you are welcome to consult other iOS development resources such as Hacking with Swift or iOS Academy on YouTube.

All lecture slides will be posted in this textbook under “Chapters” on the sidebar. Lectures will also be recorded and posted on the AppDev YouTube channel. The demo code is located in this GitHub.


All course-wide announcements will be made on Ed Discussion.

Grading and Assignments

Our grading policy can be found here:



Attendance will be taken at lectures and will be worth 5% of your final grade. However, in the event that you cannot make them, lectures will also be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Academic Integrity

As with any other course at Cornell, the Code of Academic Integrity will be enforced in this class. All University-standard Academic Integrity guidelines should be followed. This includes proper attribution of any resources found online, including anything that may be open-sourced by AppDev. The University guidelines for Academic Integrity can be found here.

When you work on an assignment, you have the option of working with a partner who can help you work on the assignment without any limitations. You are also free to come to the instructors or any course staff for help. Programming forums like Stack Overflow or Hacking with Swift are allowed as long as you understand the code and are not copying it exactly.

The majority of code (excluding external libraries) must be written by you or your partner. Code written through AI means such as ChatGPT is NOT ALLOWED. However, you may use these resources for assistance, although we highly encourage consulting Ed Discussion or office hours instead.

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