🍼Project: Swift Basics

Due Date: Thursday March 2nd


Welcome to Cornell App Development’s iOS Course! The goal for this week’s project is simple: Swift will (hopefully) become your language of choice.


This week’s project will be a playground that will guide you through basic Swift syntax. You can think of a playground as a mini-Xcode project. You can do many things on a Playground that can you do an Xcode project, like create views and classes, but it is more of a place to experiment than to build a full-blown project. Hence the name playground.

To start this week’s project, download the Playground project below and fill in the questions. The Playground consists of 5 parts and each part has 0-4 sub-questions.

Once you are finished, make sure to read the cheat sheet on how to submit your project. It has important guidelines on project submissions (e.g. name your playground “_p1”).

And most importantly, have fun!

When you open your assignment, if it does look all pretty like this:

If this is not the case, select editor -> show rendered markup. If you only see "show raw markup", you don't need to do anything.

Challenge Problems

Part 6 of the homework is extra credit and thus entirely optional!

Challenge: Learn how to use enums to print welcoming strings. More detail in the Project1.playground file.

Hint: read up on Enums and Switches.

Enums and Switches

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