Intro to iOS Development: Spring 2023

How to Enroll

First complete this application, then enroll in CS 1998-601. Student Center may indicate that this course requires “Instructor Consent”, feel free to ignore this. This is a 2 credit S/U course, but students may enroll for 1 credit to avoid the credit overload petition.

Lectures are Monday & Wednesday 8:35 - 9:25 PM EST, Olin Hall 165.

Please enroll anytime before Friday, Feb 17th at 5 PM EST. The course number is 11929.

Refer to the Lecture Schedule for more information about course logistics.

Course Staff



Alden Lamp

Course Instructor

Elvis Marcelo

Course Instructor

Justin Ngai


Jennifer Gu


Tiffany Pan


Richie Sun


Antoinette Torres


Vin Bui


Vivian Nguyen


Weekly Assignments

Programming assignments and weekly feedback forms are due on Mondays 11:59pm and submitted on CMS.

Students will have 3 total slip days throughout the semester to submit assignments without a grading penalty. After all slip days have been used, there will be a -10% penalty per day. No late submissions will be accepted after the Wednesday following the normal submission deadline.

The lowest project score will be dropped.

Because of the slip day policy, no extensions will be granted.

Each assignment will have extra credit challenges for students who wish to go above and beyond. Please remember to submit a .txt file along with your submission if you chose to attempt the extra credit. For more about grading you can view the Grading page.

There will also be a short survey each week on that week's content to help us improve the course.

Course Calendar

Add our course calendar: iOS Course Calendar


We use Ed to manage classroom communications and answering student questions.

Ed will be the main method of communication between students and course staff!

Hack Challenge

All AppDev courses finish with bringing members from iOS, Backend, Android, and Design together to put what you’ve learned to the test and build your very own app. All students are welcome to submit app ideas, and teams of up to four will be formed to bring the idea to life. Participation in the Hack Challenge is required for this course. The course staff will review the apps, and those with the highest ratings will be provided sponsored prizes! Last semester’s winners won drawing tablets, Raspberry Pi technology, Echo Dots, and more. Get pumped!

Academic Integrity

As with any other course at Cornell, the code of academic integrity will be enforced in this class. All individual projects must be done by yourself. All University-standard Academic Integrity guidelines should be followed. This includes proper attribution of any resources found online, including anything that may be open-sourced by AppDev. The University guidelines for Academic Integrity can be found here.

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