🐣Getting Started

Spring 2024

First Day Jitters

Here are some pointers for gearing up for our first class on March 11th!

  1. Ensure you've read through the rest of this page and filled out all necessary forms.

  2. Install XCode from the App Store! (P.S. it takes a while 😄)

  3. Join us on Ed, send us questions via email @ cornellappdevcourses@gmail.com, and get hyped!

  4. Lecture 0 is Monday, March 11th at 8:35 PM. We'll be in Olin (Hall, not library!) 165. We'll cover course logistics, installations, and the basics of Git/GitHub.


CS 1110 is a highly recommended co/prerequisite, but not required. You will also need access to a MacBook to participate in the course (the Xcode IDE is only available for macOS).

Enroll in the Course

  1. Fill out the course roster here.

  2. Enroll in CS 1998-601 in Student Center. This is a 2 credit S/U course, but you may enroll for 1 credit to avoid going over the credit limit.

Lectures are Monday & Wednesday 8:35 - 9:25 PM in Olin Hall 165.

Ed Discussion

We will be using Ed Discussion for class communication and answering questions. Ed will be the main method of communication between students and course staff. You can join the Ed here.

Install Xcode and Git

Swift 5, Xcode 12.0+, and iOS 13.0+ is required!

  1. You can install Xcode through the AppStore.

    • If you do not have the latest Mac version and cannot update, you can find older Xcode versions here.

  2. We will be using Cornell Enterprise GitHub. Double check that you can log in.

  3. Follow the Git Installation Guide:

1️⃣Git Installation


We will be using Figma for app designs. You can create an account using your Cornell email.

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