Here is how grading will work for this class and answers for some FAQs about grading. Please check the FAQs before posting any questions you have about your project grades!


P1 - Swift Playground


P2 - UIKit & Autolayout


P3 - Navigation & Delegation


P4 - UITableView


P5 - UICollectionView


P6 - Networking I


P7 - Networking II


Hack Challenge Final Project




Extra Credit


To pass this class, you should at least complete all of the minimum project requirements. Things like doing extra credit opportunities (completing challenge problems, filling out course surveys, answering other Ed posts, etc.) will also be taken into account. Each student will also be given 3 total slip days to cover any emergency or other conflict. We will also drop the project with the lowest score.

After all slip days have been used, we will be deducing 10% from that project's grade per day submitted late (1 day = 90% max for that project, 2 days = 80%...) No late submissions will be accepted after the Wednesday following the normal submission deadline.

In addition, the final project is weighted more heavily than the rest of the individual projects, so if you don’t do so great on the usual project assignment, a solid final project can boost your grade significantly. We want everyone to succeed and learn in the class!

In summary, if you want to pass this class you will need to put some effort into it. We will send out emails to students before the drop deadline if they are in jeopardy or are struggling in the class.


Q: What is the late policy?

A: Projects are due Monday at 11:59pm, but we will continue to accept projects until the following Wednesday. Any projects turned in afterward will not be accepted for credit.

Q: When will my project be graded?

A: We grade on a weekly cycle from the submission deadline, grades for last week's assignments will be released the following Monday.

Q: How exactly are grades calculated for this class?

A: As a reminder, this is a pass-fail (S/U) class. We calculate grades by summing up your project grades and extra credit and dividing by the total possible points. If you receive above a 70%, you will definitely pass the course; however, this isn't a hard threshold. Please see us in office hours or create a private Ed post if you are concerned with your grade. If we feel you are struggling, we will send an email a week before the drop deadline notifying you of your status.

Q: The grader made a mistake on my project, can I request a regrade?

A: If you feel that the grader made a mistake on your project, create a private Ed post. In the post remember to include the project number and details as to why you think a mistake was made. Please note that regrades are an extra burden on the graders - we are all volunteering to help you succeed in this course, so please double-check that you have followed all project requirements, named your project correctly, and checked that your project compiles.

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